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Long Romantic Walks to the Comic Store - Mens - Long Sleeved Tshirt - Small to 5XL

Long Romantic Walks to the Comic Store - Mens - Long Sleeved Tshirt - Small to 5XL

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Long Romantic Walks to the Comic Store

Lady, you might just be one in a million.

I saw a woman in the comic book store the other day and after I_??d recovered from the shock, I plucked up all my courage and went over to her.

She was flicking through back issues so I went to the other side and trying my best to make it seem like an accident, I made sure our flicking hands met.

As we got to the same book we glanced at each other and had a little laugh, she apologised and moved to the next row along.

_??My fault_?? I said and switched to the same row.

_??You_??re doing that on purpose_?? she said as we reached the middle at about the same time.

I had to confess, yes, I was doing it on purpose. Suddenly I wasn_??t so interested in comic books as getting to know this girl so I asked her what she was looking for. We talked for ages, debating the merits of our favourite heroes until she asked me the same question.

As for me, I was looking for that special someone who I could take on long romantic walks to the comic store. The rest, as they say, is history.

Or it would be. If this story was true I_??d count myself the luckiest nerd in the multiverse.

As it happens I_??m still waiting for this girl, and in the meantime I hope she finds this T-shirt to let me know.

  • Find those who share your passion
  • Get them to take you on long romantic walks
  • Make sure those long romantic walks end in the right place
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  • Ended up with two!

    I love your designs so much, I ended up getting two!

    John Peters, CA

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    I love the customer service I've received from Me By Me! They are always available to help and they have gone above and beyond to help me when my Tshirt didn't originally arrive.

    Lakin Summer, FL

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    I'm really impressed with Me By Me. The design is unique and the delivery is quick.

    Lennon Johnson, VA

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    The wall art I bought was just wow. The printing so clear and look 8k!

    Christy Horne, PA

  • Quality

    This paper is great! The colors are so saturated and the paper is so thick. It looks even better than I expected.

    Marco Silver, OK

  • Happy Students!

    Awesome gear for college. Thanks!

    Jonny Nickells, NY


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