First things first, Yin black, Yang white. Now that’s out of the way…

Light against dark, electric or acoustic, rock versus mass produced, auto-tuned pop, the great forces of the universe are in constant struggle with each other. Or are they?

Inspired by ancient Chinese Daoist philosophy, the design on this crew neck T shirt represents the connection between these two very different animals.

It contrasts the dark, distorted metal of the electric guitar against the light twanging wood of the acoustic. Think rhythm or lead, the steady beat-keeper the backbone of the band, while on the electric the lead player riffs and frills and generally shows off.

But the two are the same, and while each can stand alone, together they make the greatest music ever known

Everything is connected and these two different animals can make beautiful music together. So pick one, or both, and know that universal balance means everyone turning their amps up to 11.

Perfect gig wear and for guitar enthusiasts and daoists of all persuasions, the crew neck on the athletic body shape shows off an evenly-proportioned figure to the best advantage. Get the room feeling your vibe with this iconically inspired print sitting over your heart chakra.


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