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$22.99 $32.49
Trump Hunter 2.0 Have you got what it takes to stop Trump? The stakes are high in this 8-bit arcade (instant) classic. Trump Hunter! Featuring supernatural stars Sam and Dean Winchester. Trump is loose and terrorising America, kids everywhere are having nightmares that a giant angry wig is chasing them...
$22.99 $32.49
ACE Guitarist Are you an ACE Guitarist? If so then this could be the T-shirt for you. Well first of all, does it make sense? If you answered yes, then you’re on the right track at least. You’ve got to be able to read chord diagrams at least. Next, can...
$22.99 $32.49
Peace Gesture (Guitar) Music, what’s it all about huh? Any child-ling can tell you that modern music is about shiny haircuts, sponsorship deals and the breaking down of traditional aesthetic conventions. These days you can’t call yourself an artist unless you’ve sold unhealthy food to minors or lip-synced to songs...
$22.99 $32.49
Trump Captured He’s a great big, dangerous, fire-spitting lizard, and it looks like Charizard doesn’t like him. Maybe he’s not a fan of his more outrageous policies. Rare Pokémon Donald Trump was captured by Charizard earlier today outside his tower in Chicago. When we interviewed Charizard he said “it was...
$22.99 $32.49
Trump gets a Pikachu Isn’t it a scary thought that that ridiculous, yellow haired cartoon character might catch a Pikachu? Yes, it’s Trump, who recently revealed that he is a huge fan of Pokémon Go. He also unveiled plans to open up a Trump Gym in the virtual world, one that...
$22.99 $32.49
Charizard Hunts Hillary Do you wish Charizard would swoop down to roast Hillary Clinton? Maybe it’s a little extreme, but luckily (or sadly) she isn’t real (Charizard, not Clinton). Introducing Pokémon Politics. On this one Charizard hunts down Hillary Clinton and saves the day! Poor old Hillary must feel pretty...


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