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My Guitar Is My Best Friend My Guitar Is My Best Friend

My Guitar Is My Best Friend

My Guitar Is My Best Friend

"Is that a guitar on your shirt?!" "Sir yes sir!" "What's a quote from a war film doing on a guitar themed T shirt maggot??" "I think I was trying to suggest something about the duality of man, sir!"

Master your guitar and you master life. Bring out the marine like discipline of the guitar junkie and chant these words every night before you go to sleep.

If your guitar is your best friend then show it, let the world know how much it means to you in this Full Metal Jacket inspired men's T shirt. The shirt that combines the monotonous discipline of United States Marine Corps training with the joys of music is available in 6 colors to best compliment the long necked lady in your life. This design captures the fanatic devotion and attachment some of us have to our axes.

For he who can dismantle and reassemble his rig blindfolded, this T shirt is for true aficionados, the perfect gift for your most guitar obsessed friend, relative or bandmate. Only most guitar obsessed can join our beloved corps! Just don't do a Pyle in the bathroom.

⦁ Featuring one of the most iconic guitars of all time
⦁ A range of colors like you don't get in the marines
⦁ Easily spot Stanley Kubrick fans

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