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$22.99 $32.49
Trump gets a?_Pikachu Isn_??t it a scary thought that that ridiculous, yellow haired cartoon character might catch a Pikachu? Yes, it_??s Trump, who recently revealed that he is a huge fan of Pok?´?_´?__´?_´?___mon Go. He also unveiled plans to open up a Trump Gym in the virtual world, one that...
$24.99 $34.99
Donald?_hunts Pikachu,?_and saves the day! Limited Edition. Gets Yours Today. ?_ Pokemon and Pikachu?_is a registered trademark of Nintendo of America Inc., Copyrighted Images of specific Pokemon monsters are lawfully used under fair use parody, transformative, and first amendment political commentary. If you have any legal inquiries contact us directly.


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