Top 10 Gifts For Guitarists

Top 10 Gifts For Guitarists

Top 10 Gifts For Guitarists

It's a friend or family member's birthday coming up. Never know what to get them? That old chestnut. Well, if they are into the guitar we surely have you covered with the Top 10 Gifts For Guitarists, voted by guitarists.


In 10th Spot - Guitar is My Second Language

Guitar Is My Second LanguageGuitarists are very proud people. Proud of the fact they have painstakingly learnt how to conjure beautiful sounds from, essentially, a blank piece of wood with six wire strings. As they learn and grow, the guitar truly is become their second language. And other guitarists relate to this too. 

This is why they like this tee so much. Because when they are out and about, other guitarists see the shirt, give a nod and say, "Hey, I hear you. It's like that for me too"

--> You can buy the 'Guitar Is My Second Language Here


In 9th Spot - A Wallet


If the guitarist is a guy, a wallet.

Every guy needs a wallet. After all, old wallets break and threads come loose. Every self-respecting man should have a spare one just in case this happens.

They are a great gift. It's affordable and thoughtful. You can even put a few dollar bills and some picks in there for that extra touch.

Once again, their friends will say, "Hey, that's a cool wallet. Where did you get that from?"

--> Take a look here at a whole collection of wallet designs


In 8th Spot - Patriotic Guitarists

USA Guitar FlagThere is a very special bond between the USA and the guitar. Almost a romance. Maybe it's because Fender and Gibson, the two most iconic guitar brands stem from this fine country. 

If your friend loves the USA and the guitar, there is no other choice of gift. You can click here if you want to get this.

Now, don't let anyone say we don't have our other international friends covered. Oh yes, we do! We have just as patriotic guitar designs available for Canadians, people from the UK, Australia and Germany. And, another cool design for Americans!




In 7th Spot - The Guitar Folk Law

Guitar Tree ShirtImagine if this is how guitars were born, this one would be massive.

In fact, legend speaks of the first guitars that were played by giants. These giants found strange trees growing into shapes that resonated with the music of the gods. They cut down these trees, strung them with old bits of wire and plugged them into amps hitherto used only for giant public announcements.

What better to buy someone than a piece of guitar folk law.

--> You can buy this bit of guitar folk law here



In 6th Spot - The Coffee Mug

Guitar Coffee MugCoffee and guitar. Solace. Calms the soul.

What a perfect gift. This speaks volumes on how thoughtful you are. Not only do you get kudos for getting your friend something guitar related, but also by giving them something to hold the precious nectar - coffee!

You will also get good feelings when you see your loved one sipping out of the mug that you found and is not available anywhere else in the web. Come and check out these guitar coffee mugs.... 




In 5th Spot - Chewie Playing The Guitar

Chewie Playing The Guitar

Three words: Chewie Playing Guitar.

You will hear three more words from the person you are buying this for.... "I Love It".

You will then be given a Chewie Hug by the recipient. Please note, we can take no responsibility on the effects of receiving a Chewie Hug. Give With Caution!

Buy from here.





In 4th Spot - Ace Guitarist

Ace Guitarist

How did you know that?

They are the words you will hear when your friend unwraps this one. Why? Because only a fellow guitarist would know what this means.

It is translated as ACE Guitarist.

So if you know an ace guitarist this is the present for them 100%. And they will get looks and nods from other guitarists who also get what it means.

Be an ace friend and get this gift from here....



In 3rd Spot - Are you a little risque?

Go F Yourself

Only get this shirt if you have a very, very good relationship with that person!

As above, you will receive kudos for buying such an awesome gift, but it means something that, well, lets say is a little risque.

We'll let you google this one to find out for yourself.

If you do want one of these bad boys, you can see a load here....





In 2nd Spot - A Guitar Sunset

Guitar Sunset

Nothing goes better together than a beautiful sunset and the acoustic guitar.

This combination truly is a match made in heaven.

And, unsurprisingly, this is a best seller. It's been worn at sun sets from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia to Cape Town in South Africa.

If you want to give a gift that is guaranteed to impress and will NEVER be returned. This guitar sunset shirt is your best choice.




In 1st Spot - The Classic Yin Yang Guitar
Yin Yang Guitar Best Selling Guitar Shirt Of All Time!

Inspired by ancient Chinese Daoist philosophy, the design on this  T shirt represents the connection between these two very different animals. 

It contrasts the dark, distorted metal of the electric guitar against the light twanging wood of the acoustic. Think rhythm or lead, the steady beat-keeper the backbone of the band, while on the electric the lead player riffs and frills and generally shows off.

Who cares what we write - the design speaks for itself. Your gift receiver will be very happy with you.

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